Sunday, 20 December 2015

Bakes For Christams

I love Christmas and the food at the time. Especially everything sweet! This post is my 3 favourite bakes for Christmas. Even though it's really close to Christmas, it's not too late to bake something. I'm sure it'll be great for New Year as well.

3. Brownies - Have a look at my post on it here.
  • Brownies are really easy, quick and simple to make. You can whip them up whenever you want for yourself or for a party.
  • Brownies are great for sharing - you can cut them up into lots of little or bigger pieces. You can even rip them up.
 2. Biscotti
  • Biscotti is great for gifts. You cut it into small pieces so you can wrap it up.
  • I believe biscotti tastes of Christmas. There are lots of spices, nuts, fruits and just tastes very festive!
  • Although it may seem tricky, it really isn't. The actual time to do it takes a while but the things you're doing aren't particularly hard.
1. Shortbread - I also have have a post on this here.
  • Shortbread just brings me back to Christmas when I think of it. You can use Christmas cutters to make it seem even more festive.
  • Shortbread isn't hard, like brownies you can whip it up really quickly. 

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