Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Smoothie Bowls - What are they? + How to create one

Ahhh, the smoothie bowl. When I say that you either think of beautiful, pink coloured, fruit adorned, Instagram smoothie bowls that you probably couldn't practically eat. Or you simply have no idea what I'm talking about and putting a smoothie in bowl seems like a crazy idea. You probably have questions, and I'm going to answer them.

Well firstly, what is a smoothie bowl? A smoothie bowl isn't just a smoothie in a bowl. It's a thicker version, created with frozen fruits, especially banana. It's sweet and icy and cold and amazing. This is what you would call the base. So on top goes other yummy food. Toppings! (yay). You can put lots of different food. Some of my favourites are granola (homemade of course), healthy(ish) cereals, oats, fruit, lots more fruit and puffed rice. Play around with different stuff to find the flavours you like.

When you make a smoothie bowl, you have to use frozen fruit. You can use anything you like, but to get a thicker texture, it's really important you use a fruit that blends thick and creamy. The most popular for this seems to be banana. If you don't use this and just use frozen berries, your smoothie bowl won't have the correct texture for eating with a spoon and you'll end up slurping it like soup (not good).

Steps to the perfect smoothie bowl

The first thing to do is to decide your ingredients. Usually I will use frozen banana, frozen mixed berries and almond milk. You need to make sure you have your base ingredient (ie. banana), a liquid (ie. almond milk) and lots of your favourite fruit. If you want you can add other things like chia seeds and yoghurt.
For amounts I would say use the same amount of all your main ingredients. I'm not a very big person so I use about half a cup of the three ingredients I use. I find it makes a great smoothie bowl.
Then chuck it into a blender and blend it all together until there are no lumps of fruit left.
Now put it into a bowl and adorn with toppings (yay)!

Eat the glouriousness (is that a word?).

And that's it. Expect to see some recipes very soon.
Horah for smoothie bowls!

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