Friday, 16 September 2016

The Summer Smoothie

Ok, so it's not exactly summer anymore but we can dream right? Me and M invented this delicious smoothie together and it is amazing. So amazing that M was so eager to drink it she spilt it down herself and my front room carpet...

Anyways, the recipe is pretty simple and you only need a blender, a knife and the fruit in the recipe (don't worry, no vegetables).

Ingredients: (Makes two glasses)
  • 85g/3oz strawberries
  • 120g/4oz raspberries
  • 85g/3oz pineapple
  • Half an orange, juiced
  • 60ml chilled water (1/4)
  • A handful of ice (1/4)

  1. Firstly, chop the strawberries in half, then put them in the blender with the orange juice and blend until the strawberries won't whiz round anymore.
  2. Chop the pineapple into small chunks and add into the blender along with the raspberries and chilled water.
  3. Blend for a few minutes until smooth.
  4. Add the crushed ice and blend until the ice is crushed.
  5. Serve in a glass
  6. Take some artsy photos to boast about to your instagram followers (come on, you deserve it).
I hope you guys enjoy this recipe, we certainly loved it!

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