Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Strawberry Jam Tarts

Homemade Jam Tarts
A couple days ago I made some Jam Tarts. We made about 12 and there are only 3 left. The t
arts were absolutely delicious!

6ozs plain flour
3ozs butter, at room temperature
enough water to make the dough

My tips
  • Make sure you add enough water because we didn't.
  • Don't press the pastry into the tins very hard.
My review
The pastry was more simple than I thought it would be, because there were only 3 ingredients. My Mum helped me with the bit where you put the water in. When the pastry was ready in the tins, I put one spoonful of jam in each. Everybody had one when they were ready and everybody gave them a 10/10. I have had about 4 already, HOORAY!!!

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