Hi! I'm Ella and currently an 11 year old enrolled in secondary school. I love to bake and cook and doing these things has been one of my passions since a young age. I'm a very confident baker and a not so confident cooker but I am getting better. My mum has been helping me and I'm also doing cooking lessons at school. You can see what I've made so far here.  I also have another blog that I run with my friend and I would love it you would check it out here.

So, onto my hobbies and interests I s'pose. Well, to start off with, I absolutely love cheerleading. And no, this isn't the 'Go, team go. You can do it, you're the best'. This is the high danger, high energy, all singing, all dancing, 2:30 minutes of solid performance. You should definitely check it out on
youtube. I think you'll be surprised.

I am also very academically successful and actually really like school. I also really like reading and writing and could do it for hours if I was allowed. My other blog (tangle of thread) is all about sewing and crafting so that is one of the things I love to do. I love making things and it's amazing to see something that you have made yourself being used and in your hand.

Well I hope from this description you've learnt a little bit about me and love checking out my blog and maybe even trying some of the recipes.

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