Saturday, 15 April 2017

6 Easter Cake Ideas For the Perfect Celebration

Well I know it's Easter already but there's still time to squeeze in some last minute baking. And who doesn't love making cakes anyway? It's much better than school and work. So, in this post I've got a bunch of quick and easy ideas to take your Easter cakes to the next level.

1. Mini eggs
This just had to be the first idea. I mean, who doesn't love mini eggs? I get so excited when Easter rolls around every year and I get to munch my way through bags and bags of mini eggs. They are my favourite! And, they are a great way to give your cakes a little extra flair. Just put a few on the top and you've got a delicious decoration.

2. Easter basket cakes
Now these are a little more complicated but they are still very achievable for even the complete beginner. You put your normal decorations on the cakes, like mini eggs (!!!) and then take a long sweet like a chewy pencil. Then stick each end of the sweet into the cake so it's like a little basket handle. This one makes your cakes look super professional while still keeping it simple.

3. Fondant decoration
Fondant is amazing. You can get it so many different colours (or colour it yourself) and you can literally make any shape for decoration you want. Take some yellow, black and orange and make a simple chick face to liven up any normal cupcake. Or, take it bigger and cover a full size cake in yellow to make a sweet chick's face.

4. Easter stick decorations
What I mean by this is when you get a cocktail stick and have a little paper decoration on the top. Obviously, you can't eat them, but they are a great decoration. You can make them yourself if you want to be super creative, or you can just buy them from the supermarket if you don't have time to make them.

5. Carrots
Now I'm not saying you go and make full on carrot cakes (that would still be a great take on Easter cakes though) but simply use carrot decorations. They are a slightly nontraditional take on Easter cakes but still super cute. You can make them out of good old fondant icing, or buy the little sugar carrots from lots of shops and simply put on top for an instant beautification.

6. Yellow Yellow Yellow
Whenever I think of Easter I immediately think of that beautiful, soft, pastel yellow colour always associated with the celebration. Like I mentioned earlier, you can use it to make little chicks' faces, but it has so many other great uses. A little bit of yellow food colouring goes a long way in buttercream which can be used to fill up a full size cake or pipe on top of cupcakes. Although plain cakes are already yellow, food colouring can help to really brighten that colour up.

We hope you've liked our ideas to make your Easter cakes a little more interesting and are now inspired to go and do some baking!

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